Get Healthier by Improving Workstations

You spend lots of time at work. Did you ever stop to think just how much your health and well being is impacted by the workstation you do your work at? Ergonomics have everything to do with this and they impact your productivity as well as your overall wellbeing.

Tips to Get Healthier by Improving Your Workstations

Here are ways to get healthier by improving your workstations on the job. Make sure the chair you sit at is at the right height so your feet are resting comfortably on the floor. A good chair has a seat pan that is tilted downward.

This helps you avoid backaches. Another component to look for is lumbar support. This supports your low back so that you do not slouch. This prevents back pain as well.

Next, make sure that you have arranged your computer monitor to the right level. Adjust it so that you do not get too much contrast or brightness. You should be able to look at your monitor and not squint. Remember to take frequent eye breaks when working at your monitor to avoid eye strain, fatigue and headaches.

The keyboard should be at the same level as your elbows. This helps prevent carpel tunnel syndrome. Have the mouse as close to the desk front as possible. You will not have to constantly reach for it. Always use a wristpad, too, so that your wrist is comforted and not banging against the desk surface.

Make sure that your workstation has plenty of space. This may be easy to do if you work at home and you are the only one in need of the desk area when working. If you are in an office with other people, it might be a problem if space is limited.

Get Creative with Your Deskspace

For small spaces, get creative with your deskspace. Consider building a floating wall desk or add a wall desk in front of a window. Use a door or other piece of wood with brackets secured to the wall. You can sit more than one person at a desk like this and still be conscious of your ergonomic comfort. Just be sure to buy a good chair. Visit us online to know more.

If you can move around the desk freely, you should assume you have the right amount of space. Do not forget to take breaks after working or sitting for a half hour or more. Walk around so that you can stretch your legs and then get back to your healthy workstation. Get more tips at

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